I could go on for hours stating all the old sayings that we have all heard about a million different times; perhaps that one million all came in one year. All I know is that I hear them all the time:

“Whoever said life was fair?”

“Life is an uphill battle.”

“Life isn’t easy.”

“You have to hit bottom before you can go up.”

I could go on and on and on and on……but I think my point is made here. Yes, we all get it, life isn’t the happy little fantasy land that we all longed and yearned for growing up. That doesn’t mean that all the little things that piss you off should be tugging endlessly at the back of your head all day long either.A little bit of humor and a whole lotta work in finding ways to wind down can become quickly a very important day-to-day. So whilst troubles and concerns choose to hang around; I am going to be making sure that at least if it must be there at all……..alright now here is another good old saying…..”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” that chaos is a friend of mine.

My expedition through this journey of life always seems to be wrought with chaos, failures and excitement. And I often find myself on the high-end of stress (though surprisingly I am told I hide it well.) So here are the things I do, the ways I handle my stress, and all the reasons the stress was created in the first place.